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NTSA at the SAA Conference!

March 26, 2014 8:22 AM | Anonymous

NTSA Members:

Do you know how many NTSA members are going to be at the SAA Conference in Minneapolis, in May?  Will you be going?  The following NTSA members will be there in an official capacity:

Bret Serrin will be teaching a piano master class; Anna Halperin will join Bret for a session on reading; Jenny Burton is giving a pedagogy session; Amy Tomlinson is on a violin division panel; Susan Pugh, Mary Margaret Haraden, and Camille Nies are presenting a viola session; Sue Baer, Irene Mitchell, Ian Salmon and Patty Purcell are part of the planning and conference committee; and without a doubt---Larry and Jeanette Runyon will be there with a strong presence in the exhibit area as well as in and out of sessions.

In addition to teachers, several students from our area will be attending--from the studios of Julia Hardie, Charles Krigbaum, Susan Pugh, Bret Serrin, and Nicolette Solomon.  If I left someone out, please let me know.

There has been discussion about designing a shirt or something to wear on a designated day at the conferenceundefinedto indicate membership in the North Texas Suzuki Association.  Check the NTSA website for more information about shirts and about our spring meeting which is scheduled in early April.  We can talk about it more at that time.

Whether you are going or not, there are ways you can be a big part of someone else’s experience.  Consider contributing to help off-set the expenses of some of the students who are going –In need of your support are a group of violists from HEB ISD.  These students will participate in a viola session submitted by Susan Pugh, Mary Margaret Haraden, and Camille NIes describing the ‘Alto Alliance Project.’  You can read more about it and make a donation at

Also in need of assistance are the students from Latin America.  Every little bit helps.  Why donate to the Latin American students fund?    Although part of the SAA, the students in Latin America do not have access to teacher training and observation that is part of the student experience in the United States.  Fernando Pinera:, an SAA Teacher Trainer from Argentina, says,  “We work in different environments and in different social realities but still we share the same spirit and the same inspiration.”  All students attending the conference will be able to participate in the Suzuki Americas 2014 project.  This concert, along with the rehearsals, will bring new opportunities for Latin American students to share with children from the United States and Canada.  As Rolando Freitag wrote in his appeal on the SAA Website,”We want to share with the Latin American students and their families our vision of what can be accomplished when parents, students, and teachers work together towards excellence in both skill and character development.” This will be a unique experience for all participants, where spoken language barriers will disappear and music will take place as the unifying language.  You can help by making a contribution at the SAA Website:

Register by March 31 to take advantage of Early Bird pricing.

We’ll see you in Minneapolis!

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