North Texas Suzuki Association 2022 Scholarship Information & Applications

December 6, 2021

Dear Suzuki Colleagues,
In its ongoing mission to support the vision and philosophy of Dr. Suzuki, the North Texas Suzuki Association is pleased to announce the details of the 2022 Scholarship Auditions.  Please pass this information on to interested students and parents.
Available scholarships include:

  • The Helen Gerald Memorial Scholarship – $750.00
  • Allegro! Scholarship- $750.00
  • The Gwen Runyon Memorial Scholarship – $750.00
  • The Jennifer Burton Founder’s Award – $750.00
  • Additional North Texas Suzuki Association Scholarships- $500.00

Student Scholarship Requirements and Guidelines

  • Students that were awarded a scholarship in the previous year are not eligible to apply the following year.
  • Applicants must be a student of a current NTSA member.
  • All applicants must submit a video application of one Suzuki piece that accurately represents their level. All auditions must be uploaded to YouTube with a code name for the student.  Parents may choose the unlisted setting if they desire, but not private. Teachers may help with the recording and uploading process if the family needs assistance. No live auditions will be scheduled.
  • Videos must be titled as such: 2022 NTSA scholarship audition (Code Name) (Instrument)
  • All auditions must be recorded without accompaniment of any kind, in a well- lit room with the student’s posture clearly visible.
  • Student scholarship funds awarded may be applied towards the tuition of one SAA approved institute. If the cost of tuition is less than the amount awarded, the remaining funds will be awarded to another student. Student scholarships funds may not be used for travel expenses, materials, or non-Suzuki camps/workshops.
  • Student performances are evaluated based upon the SAA’s Performance Descriptors.

Application process:
The following must be completed by midnight on February 1, 2022:

Teacher Scholarship Requirements

  • Two scholarships in the amount of $500.00 will be awarded to teachers who wish to attend  summer Suzuki training.
  • Funds may be applied towards tuition costs for SAA approved book level training, SPA, book overviews, or practicum. Funds may not be applied towards 10- hour enrichment courses, or auditing courses.
  • Teacher scholarship funds are to be used for tuition and may not be used for travel expenses, materials, or non-Suzuki camps/workshops.
  • Teachers must be current NTSA members and be able to document their commitment to the Suzuki method via a brief written application.
  • Applications must be recieved by February 1, 2022 in order to be considered
2022 Scholarship Committee:
Charles Krigbaum, Chair
Rachel Holt
Rhea Edelman
All questions should be directed to Charles Krigbaum: