Code of Ethics

North Texas Suzuki Association Code of Ethics
Created by the NTSA Executive Committee, 2002

This Code of Ethics was adopted by the North Texas Suzuki Association’s Board to standardize
rules of conduct for Suzuki teachers in relation to pupils, parents, teachers, and the public. It
shall be the obligation of every member to maintain the highest standards of moral and
professional conduct and personal integrity, always keeping the best interest of children at heart.

1. I will not recruit students who are currently studying with another teacher. Upon leaving a
program or school, I will not solicit students who are enrolled by that program/school
without the express consent of the director of the school/program.

2. I will accept a student who wishes to transfer to my studio only after I have notified the prior
teacher/school involved or with any teacher with whom the student has terminated lessons
with in the past 3 months. I will not accept a student who has outstanding financial
obligations to another teacher.

3. I will not make negative comments regarding other teachers/studios in the presence of

4. If I have doubts concerning the competence and/or motives of another teacher, I will voice
them to the teacher involved, or I will remain silent. I will not make negative comments
regarding students/parents in the presence of other students/parents.

5. I will continue to grow professionally through educational opportunities and through active
participation in the music community. I will support my fellow colleagues who continue to
educate themselves and grow through their contacts in the music community.

6. As a Suzuki teacher, I use review, listening, group activities, weekly reading assignments,
and parent involvement, where appropriate, to help develop talent and motivate my students.

7. In advertising, I will adhere to facts reflective of my training, skills, and abilities as a Suzuki
teacher. I will advise parents to check with SAA about the training records of teachers.

8. If I present a transfer student in performance/competition who has studied fewer than 6
consecutive months with me, I will acknowledge the work of the former teacher.

9. I realize that I have a heightened sense of responsibility when I share a Suzuki student or
family with another Suzuki teacher and will observe strict adherence to the Code of Ethics, parent education, and the Suzuki Philosophy.

10. I will abide by the SAA Code of Ethics.